Celebrating the big 100!

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Celebrating the big 100!

When I was young I thought my great-grandmother was super old but I never expected she'd still be around when I was in my thirties. Now she is just about to turn 100 I feel so blessed to still have this grand lady in my life. I am planning a special party for her with all of her family as well as some old friends and companions that she has had over the years. We may not have many years with her so I want to make sure this party is really special and let's her know how much she means to us. This blog is all about planning 100th birthday parties.

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Get creative with corporate marquee hire

19 April 2017
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When we think of corporate marquees, we tend to think of garden parties, family fun days and other events. But marquees can serve a wide range of functions, from marketing and promotion to training and even warehousing. Here are a few of the various ways in which you can put a hired marquee to good use.  Training and orientation For many companies, training or staff orientation days pose real space challenges. Especially for companies whose employees work off-site, training may mean a huge increase in the number of people in the office at one time. Read More …