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Get creative with corporate marquee hire

19 April 2017
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When we think of corporate marquees, we tend to think of garden parties, family fun days and other events. But marquees can serve a wide range of functions, from marketing and promotion to training and even warehousing. Here are a few of the various ways in which you can put a hired marquee to good use. 

Training and orientation

For many companies, training or staff orientation days pose real space challenges. Especially for companies whose employees work off-site, training may mean a huge increase in the number of people in the office at one time. Hiring conference space can alleviate this problem, but it can lead to additional complications if the hired space isn't close to your normal premises. A hired marquee with speaker seating can solve this problem and allow you to get creative with breakout activities, particularly in good weather. 

Temporary warehousing

Companies that routinely handle large quantities of inventory will have their own dedicated storage space. For many enterprises, however, large shipments can put a lot of pressure on available storage. Other situations that can result in the same kind of short-term storage needs include office moves or refurbishment, as well as stock taking or emergencies. Offsite storage can be pricey, and no one likes stumbling over piles of boxes while going about their daily tasks. A marquee can provide a good temporary storage space, although it's best to set them up in a secure location. 

Promotion and marketing

If you go to a lot of open-air events to promote your company, you may already own your own marquee; if you only go to a small number, a hired marquee can be very useful. Not only does a marquee keep sun and rain off your promotional display (and people!), but it also helps your company stand out in a visually crowded space. 

Entertainment and hospitality

The classic image of a corporate marquee is that of the family fun day or Christmas party: a place for employees and guests to relax out of the sun and enjoy a drink or ice cream. But marquees can house a range of other events. Awards ceremonies, holiday meals or receptions can all take place in a marquee, giving guests the option to mingle under the open sky before and afterward. Most marquees can even accommodate a stage for speeches or musical performances; the flexibility of these spaces means you can even use them for multiple functions at the same event.